Chesterfield County, Virginia (WWBT/Gray News)-Kroger said that after a small number of people received the Virus vaccine from the Little Clinic on the Midlothian Turnpike, after the company I got an “empty syringe” before saying it was a saline gun.
The company said in a statement that this was an “honest error.” They went on to say: “All affected customers have been contacted and the Virus vaccine has now been received. We apologize for the inconvenience caused to these customers by these oversights.”
Earlier Wednesday, Kroger said these injections were salty, but the company now says they are actually “empty syringes.”
Kroger has not specified how many people have been affected by this chaos, only that this is only a minority.
She said that Monday night, she had arranged an opportunity to go to the Kroger location to film Johnson and Johnson Virus. The next day, Hawes received a call from a store she didn’t expect.
“Immediately talked to the manager, and they explained that they made a mistake-we only received saline. There was no vaccination material,” Hoth said. “My initial reaction was shock and surprise, and a little anxiety.”
Within two hours of receiving the call, Hoth returned to Kroger’s place to get the vaccine. Hawes said that throughout the process, the store remained transparent about the situation.
She said: “When we went in, they were very clear to me.” “They showed us the vial to make sure it was Johnson & Johnson. After pulling out the vaccine, she showed it to me again.”
“Yes, unfortunately an error occurred, but this is a small group of people. The situation has been resolved,” Hoth said. “I know it’s been a long year, sometimes we lack trust in the system and process, but I think everyone has the best will, and the end result is to get as many people as possible to receive the vaccination as soon as possible. , All of us can protect our community.”
Kroger also said that they do not charge customers for the vaccine itself. They said they are charging a management fee on the customer’s insurance bill, and there is no need to pay when the customer receives the vaccine.
To date, our Kroger Health and Little Clinic teams have conducted more than 836,000 vaccinations nationwide, and we are proud of that. Kroger encourages everyone to receive any available vaccine as soon as they qualify.
One of our TLC locations made a mistake and replaced the Virus vaccine with an empty syringe. All affected customers have been contacted and the Virus vaccine has now been received. We apologize for the inconvenience caused by these oversights.
The TLC team solved this problem immediately, all vaccinators were retrained and reminded us of the current vaccination policy. We are working closely with the Virginia Department of Health on this issue.

Post time: Mar-29-2021