Persons over 18 years of age who have not received the first dose

People who have not received the second dose in the time interval

Please pay close attention to the local Virus vaccination schedule

Timely vaccination

Please pay attention to the following points when vaccinating


|Before vaccination|

■ Avoid fasting vaccination, bring a valid ID card, mobile phone, and mask to the vaccination site;

■ Avoid excessive fatigue the day before vaccination, pay attention to rest;

■ If you have received the first dose of vaccine in another place, please provide the relevant vaccination certificate truthfully.

|At the time of vaccination|

■ Show your valid ID, wear a mask scientifically, and maintain a social distance of more than 1 meter;

■ Tell the truth about your health status and vaccination contraindications, and do not conceal your illness;

■ Cooperate with the on-site vaccination staff. The weather is hot, please pay attention to heatstroke prevention.

|After vaccination|

■ Observe the scene for 30 minutes, and leave only after there is no abnormality;

■ Keep the skin of the inoculated area clean, avoid scratching and washing the inoculated area with your hands;

■ If the fever does not go away or the discomfort persists, seek medical attention in time and report to the vaccination unit;

■ After vaccination, you must still comply with relevant regulations on epidemic prevention and control, and do a good job of personal daily protection.

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Post time: Jul-23-2021