Powered Air Purifying Respirator powered air purifying respirator Air Blower

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The product can be widely used to improve the safety and comfort of operators in harsh environments。The filtration efficiency of the product is 99.90%, which can effectively block the particles such as bacteria, virus and dust in the polluted environment 。 The product integrates respiratory protection, head and face skin protection and eye protection, with good sealing and long-term effective protection effect.

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Accessories details:
1、Air blower
1-1、Modular design for easy replacement of accessories
1-2、Adopt high power brushless motor
1-3、The wind speed is adjustable in three gears
1-4、Digital display of electricity, wind speed and other parameters
1-5Low power alarm

2、Breathing hood
2-1、Advanced airflow design
2-2、Light weight, wide field of vision
2-3、Effectively blocking off external particles
2-4、Anti-fog design
2-5、Validity of use: single or 1 day

2-1、Safe filter material
3-2、Easy to replace
3-3、Particle filtration efficiency ≥99.9%
3-4、Validity of use: single or 1 day

4-1、Rechargeable lithium batteries

4-2、Battery overshoot, overrelease protection design

4-3、Battery heat protection design
4-4、Battery capacity:12000mha
4-5、 Validity of use: 1 year

5、Breathing tube
5-1、Strong material
5-2、Good flexibility
5-1、Good sealing
5-2、reusabie after sterilization

Application: The product can be used together with protective clothing to improve the comfort of users, improve work efficiency, and effectively protect the health and life safety of operators
Dust-contaminated factories, mines, laboratories, and places where bacteria and viruses are prevent.


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